The Health of Your Eyes Always Comes First

At Rockridge Optometry, the health and safety of your vision is always our primary concern. All of our Doctors are licensed and trained to diagnose and treat potentially sight-threatening diseases. We provide comprehensive eye examinations at the highest standards and we strive to care for you and your family the same way we care for our own families.  We utilize the latest retinal imaging technology and are equipped to diagnose ocular conditions such as eye infections, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, color vision defects, amblyopia, dry eye and contact lens complications.

Leading Edge Contact Lens and Optical Lens Services

With state of the art corneal mapping technology and a wide array of customized lenses, we have the experience and equipment to treat complex conditions such as Kerataconus and post-surgery corneal cases.  We offer a wide selection of standard and specialized contact lenses giving us the unique ability to design custom lenses for your visual needs.  Our advanced lens options include multifocal designs, which can eliminate the need for reading glasses and a full range of lens options to address all types of astigmatism. We are proud to have participated as a clinical site for advanced research in contact lens technology.

Our staff of highly trained opticians will ensure that your glasses are properly fit to achieve maximum performance in today's age of high-tech lens designs.  We will introduce you to these options and take the time to explain their benefits.  Every frame is personally fit to ensure comfort, stability and optical alignment.

Beautiful hand tailored frames

You deserve a great frame that is hand tailored to fit you. Your glasses will always be the most prominent compliment to your personal style and you should not have to sacrifice quality to find the right frame to fit you and your budget.

Coordinated Surgical Management

We provide coordinated care with the finest eye surgeons in Northern California.  With our surgical co-management, you receive ongoing care from our doctors throughout the pre and post-surgical process. This provides you with a great opportunity to have all of your questions answered regarding your healing process and visual outcome. We co-manage many surgical procedures including Cataracts, LASIK and PRK.

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